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Like threads weave our lives together and create plots.

Bobbin lace is a lace-making process carried out through the skilful use of very fine thread, wound on handcrafted wooden bobbins that are woven according to a design on cardboard placed on a round cushion.

Artists as spindles moved by invisible hands weave, plot, compose imaginary threads of life. And just as lace is more precious the more it contains emptiness and fullness, so the meaning of life unravels between emptiness and fullness.

Artists like skeins of thread forgotten in a box come to life through the expert hands of the craftsman-creator who, following a predefined design, creates the weave. So our lives seem to be.

But life holds surprises and the spindle-artists rebel against the predetermined and weave random threads and relationships through everyday living: sleeping, waking up, loving, running, falling down to get back up, dying to make room for the new. There are no longer any paths to follow, but through the freedom of each individual one creates the beauty of one’s own destiny.

The beauty of life runs through the webs of threads that everyone weaves together with others to become light and beacon themselves.

The dance in our imagination reaches other places and the vertical walls become the stage for our vertical dances. Our dancers twirl in the air to tell of enchanted worlds where stories accompany us to imaginary places where wonder and amazement reign. Dance everywhere, dance in vertical places.


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