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sway pole o pali oscillanti

Love is the force that animates the world, that gives rise to the most beautiful and surprising stories. This is the case for the two protagonists of this circus show, who meet by chance in a distant country. He is a young local, she is a curious and charming tourist. Between them sparks fly, and a game of seduction begins, of looks and words, of approaches and distances. They discover themselves different but attracted, they challenge and seek each other, they love and leave each other. Their relationship is a roller coaster of emotions, that leads them to live moments of happiness and pain, of complicity and conflict, of passion and jealousy.
To tell this story of troubled love, the artists use the sway poles, flexible poles that make them swing and rotate in the air. With their acrobatic evolutions, they create suggestive and dynamic images, that express the contrasting feelings of the two lovers. The sway poles are an innovation in the circus world, that offers new expressive and scenic possibilities. They are a perfect tool to represent love, which is always in motion, which changes and transforms, which defies gravity.

This circus show wants to involve the spectators in a universal love story, that speaks to all hearts. It wants to make them excited, smile, dream. It wants to make them reflect on what it means to love and be loved, on how important it is to find one’s balance between giving and receiving, between freedom and fidelity. It wants to make them fall in love with life.