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Volta Celeste


A fantastic journey with acrobats under the Heavenly Volta between stilts and fireworks. In this show, the Company accompanies viewers on a fantastic journey into the fictional world of the multifaceted characters who populate the Heavenly Volta. It is the goddess Fortune who introduces the journey and throws her good wishes from the top of her seat 10 m above the ground. From this moment we will follow the fantastic visions of the sun and moon engaged in an aerial dance, of colorful birds, of strange flying machines that chase each other like in a carousel, of fantastic means with pyrotechnic propulsion, and many other mysterious Characters. At the end of the journey, the Heavenly Volta will light up in a spectacular battle in which angels and flying demons will compete for the privilege of being able to carry their own image as an imperious memory in the eyes and heart of the spectator. The show, which involves the use of a crane for aerial performances, as well as the use of stilts by the artists; It is suitable for street events, “open air”, large events and, like all the shows of the Company of Fools, can be modified according to different needs.

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