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In each city there is another invisible and magical city hidden from the eyes of distracted.

Only a madman found the key to open the enchanted door of the invisible world and then, for one evening, the ARCANO will be revealed to everyone.

The madman like a cicero will accompany us through characters that will fly over our heads; Musicians, bright figures, acrobats, singers in a unique concert-show in which the gaze rises to reveal the wonders of this journey.

Arcano is an event in which artists are not called to walk and recite on stages, streets or squares. The stage space becomes the air above the spectator’s head, where the music is played flying, where the singers accompany us from above, where the choreography of the acrobats defy the heights.

A myriad of fantastic characters for an enchanted and wonderful journey of the hidden city.

The show is suitable for events in the square, “open air”, large events and, like all the shows of the Compagnia dei Folli, can be modified according to different needs.

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